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Don't take our word for it. Hear from our students.


After 3 months of intensive tuition, the day of A levels finally arrived. I wouldn't say that I felt 100% confident stepping into the examination hall (I was still cramming content into my maxed out brain capacity the day before), but what I can say is that, compared to 3 months ago, I felt so much more confident of myself and was more sure of my content knowledge. 

Ms Pam has helped me incredibly much and I am enormously thankful for her for helping to pull my economics grades up from an S to an A at the A level exams.

Teo Yi Teng
VJC | S to A in 3 months


Pamelyn was so encouraging and patient with me, and she answered every question I had, no matter big or small. It was always me asking and her answering, which helped me see Econs as one big picture instead of separated into different topics. 

I think that this really helped me to get my A, because Pamelyn taught me to choose my questions correctly and to notice the nuances- allowing me to translate that into my essays. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who needs a final Econs boost!

Nina Ye Ni
SAJC | D to A


I was referred to Pamelyn by a classmate as I was having difficulties even trying to pass my H2 Economics in my Year 1. Pamelyn was efficient in organizing and scheduling all my lessons with her to fully optimize the number of lessons left to achieve the best results.

I only seek her help 3 months before my Promotional Exams.With her experience, I was not  only able to finally pass my Economics during my JC1 Promotional Exams but also top my class. Her ability to explain and give further insights to economic concepts allowed me to attain a better understanding. I continued having tuition with her in JC 2 and have consistently topped my class and even my cohort in Economics.

Furthermore, with the many practices Pamelyn gave, I was exposed to a wider range of essay question types (crucial for H2s as the essay component holds a higher weightage) which definitely gave mean advantage over my peers.

With her assistance and guidance, I managed to achieve an A for Economics during my GCE A Levels. It was a delightful experience having Pamelyn as my tutor for the most of my JC years and she has played a major role in helping me attain my desired grade

Tan Ming En
SRJC | E to A in 5 months


Pamelyn is a very dedicated teacher who taught me for a year. When she started teaching me, my Economics grades were hovering between S and below but with her constant guidance, I was able to improve by 3 grades.

Before lessons with her, I found it hard to understand Economics, hence I did not enjoy it much and tried to avoid the subject. But with each passing lesson with her, she managed to make Economics easier for me to understand as her lessons were always engaging and she helped me to begin to enjoy doing Econs.I find it very helpful that her lessons always follows closely to the school syllabus.

At any point of the lesson where I am confused or am not able to understand, she is very patient with me, making it a point to repeat herself in another way so that I might understand the concept before moving on to another. In other words, she manages to tailor the lessons to my needs and pace of learning.

Every lesson she comes in with a carefully thought out lesson plan, but she is not afraid to slow down the pace whenever she sees me struggling to grasp the concept. That is because she makes sure that I am confident with the concept in every topic before carrying on. She reminds me to jot downany question or area of the school notes that I am unsure of and makes it a point to go through them the next lesson.

She also has this habit to clarify those doubts at the start of every lesson, which is very helpful as it ensures that my questions are answered right at the start and we can avoid similar questions that may arise along the way.She is also very approachable in the sense that whenever I make my own notes, I am not afraid to ask her for her opinions and she would provide constructive feedback for me.

For every topic of Economics, she also ensures that we do a set of our own condensed notes in class together, so that whenever I find myself behind in coming up with my own notes, I always have this set to refer to as well.

All in all, Pamelyn is an amazing Economics teacher, who is not afraid to run the extra mile just to make sure that her students are well taught.

Sabrina Bay Tan
RJC    |  S to B in 3 months


I first joined Pam’s classes during her Economics crash course. I was a new student and she made me feel welcome instantly. After her succinct and productive crash course, I joined her regular classes, as I felt comfortable with her and her teaching style.

During her classes, even if there were multiple people of varying levels of proficiency in the subject, I never felt left out. In fact, she effectively carried out the classes and gave us tasks at a level corresponding to our proficiency so there was always something new for me to learn.

Pam is also very experienced and resourceful; She breaks down markers expectations and the syllabus to make it easier for students to understand and also made sure we always had quality questions to practice on.As a teacher, Pam was always warm and understanding. She was patient and would go through any concepts we were unsure of until she was surewe had mastered it.

I was very grateful as she became another pillar of support for me. She was not only concerned about my grades but also my welfare, especially during the last few months prior to the A level examinations.I would definitely recommend her classes as they are always interesting, insightful and rest assured, you would be in good hands.

Nadja Iman 
TJC   | E to B in 3 months

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